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Financial Aid Appeal Letter - 6 Key Strategies

SAP Appeal Process Office of Student Financial Aid

This webpage is only applicable to students placed on SAP by the Office of Financial Aid. If you choose not too appeal, how can you make up the deficiency and reinstate your aid? My grandmother eventually lost her battle to cancer on April 23rd, 2016. My family did not let me know the severity of my grandmothers condition until the last minute, but just knowing she was suffering from something so deadly was stressful enough. Can someone help me with my financial aid appeal letter? This letter is to appeal to the Financial Aid Committee so I may continue receiving Federal Financial Aid at the University of South Alabama. I will also add to my success by meeting with my professors more, spending more time in the library, and no longer letting personal issues interfere with school. I firmly believe this year will prove how committed I am to the university my success, and making my grandmother, family and myself proud.

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Appeal Letter to Financial Aid. This letter can be written for many purposes such as taking permission, seeking some help, or financial support.

Financial aid letter appeal
I have faced extremely difficult times that have made it hard for me to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. In the middle of the semester my grandmother who suffered from diabetes and hypertension became ill and was diagnosed with cancer which left her in the hospital for a couple of weeks.
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