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Visualizing and Verbalizing Program - Lindamood-Bell

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She is on grade level and doing excellent work. Her behavior has changed drastically as well as her academics. We thank God for the wonderful work your clinic is doing. About a young girl. My goal was to find some techniques that would teach my daughter how to comprehend. What I found were a number of methods that practiced comprehension but didnt relate how to comprehend. This weakness often undermines the reading processIt is weakness, based in the sensory system, in creating an imaged gestalt. problem 1. Michelle reads words accurately, but she doesnt understand what she reads.

American Educational Research Journal When my daughter, Lauren, first learned to read, she had no difficulty pronouncing the words. Nevertheless, she couldnt sustain her attention span and although she was on medication for attention deficit, her ability to process material seemed slow.

Visualizing and verbalizing lessons of life
Words seem to go in one ear and out the other and she struggles with following directions. Her parents express frustration about her weak short term and long term memory. Her teachers think she is not trying, and she has been labelled as having ADHD.
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