Fernando Sor ( ) Spain Fernando Sor (baptized Joseph Fernando Macari Sors or Jos Fernando Macarurio Sors February 14, 1778? July 10, 1839) was a Spanish guitarist and composer, born in Barcelona.

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Sor studied music at a monastery on the slopes Montserrat, a mountain near Barcelona, until his father died. His mother couldn't afford to finance continued studies and withdrew him. It was at this monastery that he began to write his first pieces of music for the guitar. The Third Reich started issuing clearly identifiable ni coins (i.e.: with swastika) from 1936. Although the nis were in power from 1933, with Adolf Hitler as the party leader. Report (0) (0)   5 years, 7 month(s) ago Guest5530. But genuine pieces are certainly worth more. The problem is to discern real from fake. The side-by-side comparison below shows a marked difference in quality of strike and overall appearance between two examples of this interesting piece.

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Sanjurjo had sought German support prior to the beginning of the Civil War in Spain. The initial plan was to overtake the Spanish government in late 1935 and these coins were to be given to ranking officers at that time.
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