The diseases are those caused by the negative effects of the three gunas and therefore (a) avidya ignorance or falsehood and (b) sadripu a constraint of the physical body. (bandhant) means bound down, Bondage of Samsara or Worldly Life'I am bound down just like a cucumber (to a vine.

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8. WSS Graduation Commencement Ceremonies occur on Friday at 7 pm at MAC ISLAND. Hope to see you there! 9. Our last PAC Meeting is Monday June 13th. 6:15 in the library. 6. Friday is the last PAC FREEZIE DAY! Please send a dollar and thank you for supporting this fundraiser. 7. On Friday this is the last day children can sign out books from the library as well. Please make arrangements for your child. Thanks everyone, Ms. Robb.

Hi Everyone A call will come home at 7 pm on Sun. Sept.16th. Here are the highlights for my weekly overview 1. PAC MEETING 6pm Mon. Sept.17th in the library. Hoping to see lots of parents 2.WELCOME BACK PICNIC - Parents are welcome to come eat lunch with their child from 12-1.

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9. Noon Hour Supervisors please email your availability for October to 10. Please continue to talk to your child about Keeping HANDS AND FEET to self. Remind your child that they are in charge of their mouth and what comes out of it as well.
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