The Southern Branch would like to inform you that the Amalgamation Dinner will be held on Saturday 14th April at the White Hart Hotel Andover, timings, menu etc., to follow, Yours Aye Robbie Gow CFGB.


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To be so casual is actually kind of detrimental to a degree. When discussing PVC inflatable boats many makers will spec out their fabric in mils (equal to a thousandth of an inch) or millimeters also expressed as mils on various websites albeit incorrectly in efforts to dupe the customer. De stad, die tot dusver wat terughoudend was, is nu bereid om een budget voor de installatie van de kasten te voorzien. Voorwaarde is wel dat de drie verenigingen instaan voor het beheer en onderhoud. Looking for the perfect formula for picking your 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket? The old mantra "defense wins championships" is a good one to follow. It's pretty darn accurate in predicting college basketball teams who will win a national championship.

Remember Jollas rather big appearance at MWC14 with all their new software features and partnership announcements? We almost forgot that too! It was around 7 months ago and a lot of things has been happening since then.

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What exactly is it? Mark: Our logo has a deep meaning to us at Carolina Arms Group.  We named our logo the Carolina Arms Group Eagle C. The top of the logo is the American Bald Eagle which to us represents the strength, protection and freedoms that our Great Nation offers.
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