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U.S. Foreign Assistance and Failed States - Brookings Institution

Think Again: Failed States Foreign Policy

The inevitable results would be insurgency, death, destruction, anarchy, and the development of a more dangerous strain of Islamism as the United States sent the message that we were the enemy of all Somali Islamists whether or not they had any quarrel with us. But during the middle of the decade, the United States military had been building increasingly close ties with Ethiopia, hoping to turn that country into our key regional proxy. And Ethiopia and Somalia have traditionally been rivals. Thus, when President Bush took office, failed states disappeared from the national agenda and were replaced by the problem of rogue regimes. Some conservatives took note of these events to engage in some of their usual short-sighted bloody-mindedness. James Robbins observed in National Review that Ethiopia is in it to win, nice to see a country in the developing world (or anywhere for that matter) that can take care of business." TNR s James Kirchick hailed the Ethiopian invasion.

This is a cynical, all-out attack on our country's future. 16. Failure to adopt an energy policy that would reduce dependence on oil and foreign oil. If not already obvious prior to 9/11, the vulnerability of the US to its foreign oil dependence became starkly clear after that event.

Why the bush administration failed state
On 9/11, the West woke up to the threat posed by failed states. attacks that the. United States is, in the words of President George W. Bush s. One of the standing critiques of the Obama administration s foreign policy is that.
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