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Geometry is a very useful branch of mathematics which deals with lines and shapes. It is concerned about the questions based on shapes and sizes of geometrical figures. Geometrical figures are defined as shapes that have predetermined names. Hexagon Definition Back to Top Hexagon is a six sided polygon. A hexagon has an even number of sides and even angles (6 angles). In a regular hexagon, opposite sides are parallel. It is named so because the word hexagon is made up of two Greek words. Hexa and gonia. Hexa refers to six and gonia means angles. A hexagon has six sides and six angles.

Solution: Area of a Hexagon 2.59807 a2 2.12208cm2 Question 3: Find the area of the Hexagon whose side is 14 cm. Solution: Area of a Hexagon 2.59807 a2 2.22172cm2.

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Area of a Hexagon is measured in terms of square units. Hexagon Area Formula: Area of a six sided polygon is given as follows: Area of a Hexagon 2.59807 t2 Where, t is the side length.
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