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Strategy And Tips: On Tank Classes, Upgrading

Overall, this game might not be completely polished in its UI or spell checking, but I do give it 5/5 for what Jolly Roger gives you in Interplanetary's bang for its buck. Expand. IT WAS SO CLOSE 2. If you enjoy sci-fi wars' of worlds. Colorfully and beautifully rendered solar systems that you get to destroy with projectiles, missiles, lasers (not on the heads of sea-bass and even tamed asteroids. I highly recommend it to you and your friends to play together and believe you will find yourselves addicted once you get past the initial learning curve (which isn't that steep and can be passed after your first game). JOLLY ROGER PROVIDES AND ENCOURAGES (if you are comfortable in doing so) BASIC TOOLS FOR MODDING I have played the game less than a day but already looked at the potential for tweaking the game play and appreciate the ability to do so as it allows for future potential of varying game types and experiences.

Even though the tech tree may not be as expansive as a Civilization game, Interplanetary allows for differing strategies from the start of each game. Do you hide and turtle up for the late game, or build quickly and start bombarding immediately, or somewhere in between?

Turn-based projectile shooting game
You have to do some forward thinking however as the planets are stationary when you are planning your bombardments but will continue in their orbits as the Action Phase commences adding many near hits and misses and moments of "Ooooo it is going to hit!" followed by "WHAT THE?!?
3,2 / 5 stars
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